Fuel shortages in France

Today I saw a massive line of cars queuing in front of a TotalEnergies fuel station on my way to work. In my area, fuel  station operators are required to report remaining storage levels every day to the Gendarmerie nationale. Judging from this map, the fuel shortage psyop is in full swing in a lot of other parts of the country.

On a whim, I bought two jerrycans and filed them with diesel fuel a couple of weeks ago. I'm also totally confident our brilliant President's government will bring about a swift resolution of the fuel shortage problem. A reader and friend told me I'm letting my biases show too much, which is definitely an issue I intend to confront and overcome.

I'm still thinking about getting a generator. But then I contemplate the fascinating fact that a car itself is fundamentally a generator. Think about it: could a mere converter be enough to get you through this winter, and the next ones? I might test that.

The real plan remains to cut wood during the coming Toussaint break. I believe the key to my local sovereignty is axes and a cheap but powerful chainsaw. I'll keep that thought in mind during my training course tomorrow.