Predictions & strategies

Sovereign systems are good investments.

These pillars are not like Xu Zhen's
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Why SSL?

My general working hypothesis is that sovereign systems are good investments, and that good investments are directly or indirectly investments in sovereign systems, or anything that approximates them.

SSL's purpose in analysing historical sovereign systems is then testing and refining this hypothesis.

SSL's purpose in analysing present and emerging sovereign systems is then to make predictions, and to build strategies to profit from these predictions. This includes resource allocation strategies, strategies to reform existing systems, and contributions to their systemic narrative.

The purpose of doing the above through a newsletter is to integrate personal feedback in a manageable way, and to keep a social record of the predictions and the strategies.

This time isn't different

On a very general level, I don't believe in the so-called "End of history." Nor do I easily believe systemic narratives based on single, unidirectional trends. I am skeptical of all these things.

What I do believe is that the present time appears to be in or near a phase change within the sovereign systems cycle. This means that considerations of sovereignty become a lot more important, to a lot more people. I believe our times call for a general concept of sovereignty that goes beyond the hypocrisy of the formal concept, as well as beyond the limitations of previous political concepts of sovereignty. I propose such a concept in "What are sovereign systems?"

What about the "sovereign systems cycle"? That's for another post. Assume for the moment that the various system types (also for another post) don't come in random sequences, but tend to follow a cyclical sequence. This in turn serves will serve as a starting point for predictions and strategies. But what would such predictions and strategies look like?